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Sienna Miller Glitters at Iconic Cartier New York Opening

Sienna Miller glittered in diamond earrings, bracelets, ring, and silver kitten heels at the iconic Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion reopening party in Manhattan last night.

The party was celebrity star studded with A listed actors such as Amy Adams to the up and coming starlets Chloe Moretz, attending.

princess-of-monacco-cartier-new-yorkThe four-story, 44,000-square-foot space feels more residential than commercial from the moment you walk through the Fifth Avenue entrance.

Cartier’s refurbished mansion is a celebration of the famed jeweller’s heritage and its historic celebrity associations from Hollywood to royalty.  As you would expect from Cartier, wondering through the the mansion is more a residential museum experience than a retail space. There are salons dedicated to some of the brand’s most famous clients such Princess Grace Salon  and the Elizabeth Taylor Salon.

cartier-mansion-oak-room-2016-re-opensThe third floor grabbed LuxSeeker’s attention with the women’s watch salon house’s iconic Cartier Tank watch (which celebrates it’s 100th anniversary next year!) and the Gary Cooper salon showcases Cartier’s men’s timepieces.

cartier_1917The Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion, the last remaining Mansion in Midtown New York, has been restored to its original 1904 glory.  The refurbishment has been a two and half year project.

Designed to inspire the imagination to wander, the Mansion bridges a contemporary atmosphere with classic style on a stunning scale delivering unmistakable Cartier experience. The design lift has been led by Architect Thierry Despont who has  restored many of the mansion’s original furnishings. Craftsmen from France were appointed to create bespoke pieces, including chandeliers that evoke Parisian styles from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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