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Best Luxury Lingerie Guide Offers to Love

Welcome to our best luxury lingerie guide. The garments you wear under your clothing are just as important as those you wear over them. We take a look at the best luxury lingerie designers and their fabulous lingerie offers on the best luxury lingerie brands listed on LuxSeeker.com.

Confidence boosting as you go about your day, excitement with your partner, and indeed just wearing around-the-home quality high-end lingerie is all empowering. Luxury lingerie brands have an individual sense of design and style, beautiful creations with the finest silks and fabrics, often enhanced with fine jewellery and precious metals.

We list fabulous daily offers in our fast-expanding luxury designer lingerie section from the best lingerie brands and lingerie designers on LuxSeeker.com.

Explore the greatest luxury lingerie designer offers today from your favourite lingerie brands and discover new luxury lingerie designers.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell 2015 by Ellen Von Unwerth
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Agent Provocateur was founded in Soho in 1994 by Joseph Corré, the son of designer Vivienne Westwood and music svengali Malcolm McLaren, .nd his then-wife Serena Rees, who recently founded Les Girls Les Boys. Agent Provocateur has built a unique proposition in the competitive luxury lingerie market: confident, sensual and irreverent known for craftmanship, use of beautiful fabrics and playfulness. Renowned for being provocative and yet always leaves something to the imagination

View all the latest lingerie offers on Agent Provocateur from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur Confident and Provocative Luxury Lingerie
bluebella lingerie
Bluebella Ashley James
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Founded in 2005 by Emily Bendell, the story and vision for the brand was simple. – “We design to make women feel their most fabulous selves!” Fashion-led Bluebella is a luxury lingerie brand with strength and modernity at its heart; created to redefine sensuality.  Seductive and affordable lingerie that takes you from day to night time, and everywhere in between.

View all the latest lingerie offers on Bluebella lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Bordelle lingerie Natalia Onofrei
Bordelle | Fall Winter 2015-16  Natalia Onofrei.
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London luxury lingerie brand Bordelle is one of the best-selling high-end lingerie brands. Based in London and founded by Alexandra Popa Bordelle is known for exclusive edgy and unusual lingerie combining true craftsmanship with incredibly seductive designs. Strap-inspired details dominate and can be worn as fabulous mind-blowing outwear.

View all the latest offers on Bordelle lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Coco De Mer
Coco de Mer lingerie
Coco de Mer lingerie is fabulous for the garden to💋
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Coco de Mer of Covent Garden, London designs luxurious, alluring and empowering sensual lingerie to ignite your imagination, stimulating it beyond its limits. The Coco de Mer ideology is about female empowerment and enjoyment of lingerie, a journey of wonderful experience and discovery of your inner desires.

View all the latest offers on Coco de Mer lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Ander Amberson Eres Lingerie
Ander Amberson Eres
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French label Eres is known for its iconic cuts, colourways and high-tech materials.  Founded in 1968 by Irène Leroux Eres lingerie consists of modern and elegant intimates designed to underline the natural femininity of the body with minimalist style and use of clean lines.

View all the latest offers on Eres lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

 Falke stockings SS16 campaign
 Falke SS16 campaign
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Steeped in history since 1895 the Falke DNA is quality with passion creating luxury garments for those for whom luxury does not represent excess but rather the liberty of rewarding themselves with the very best. Fabulous quality and design from stockings and tights to sportswear.

View all the latest offers on Falke lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Fleur du Mal
Fleur de Mal
Fleur du Mal
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Inspired by women who are powerful, and chic, and celebrate their femininity and sexuality, Fleur du Mal explores the notion of desire and artful provocation, while maintaining style and wearability. The decadent collections are defined by beautiful fabrics including the finest French Leavers Lace, lustrous silks, and Italian knit jerseys. Canadian Jennifer Zuccarini founded Fleur du Mal in New York and quickly became an A-List favourite and a trendsetter.

View all the latest offers on Fleur du Mal from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Fleur of England
Fleur of England - Sofia
Fleur of England – Sofia
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An exclusive luxury London lingerie design brand that is famous for its award-winning exquisite designs. Fleur of England’s hand-crafted pieces are all designed by founder Fleur with the highest attention to style and detail creating beautiful, feminine lingerie full of elegance, romance and sophistication.

View all the latest offers on Fleur of England lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

I.D. Sarrieri
I.D. Sarrieri  lingerie
I.D. Sarrieri 2011
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Rumanian I.D. Sarieri luxury lingerie is art. The finest Chantilly lace, softest tulle and a variety of other highest-quality materials are used to create the most spectacular, precisely embroidered flawless lingerie collections.

From luxury lingerie to magnificent dresses and beautifully designed swimwear I.D. Sarrieri is a firm celebrity and media favourite. I.D Sarrieri lingerie adds confidence, elegance and an indulgent moment celebrating the art of getting dressed, placing the wearer at the front and centre.

View all the latest offers on I.D. Sarieri lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Kiki de Montparnasse
 Kiki De Montparnasse lingerie
  Kiki De Montparnasse
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The Paris New York luxury lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse is best known for its precision, imposing construction, and contours. As the lines between underwear and streetwear continue to blur, Kiki de Montparnasse leads in bridging the gap of dress and undress with the highest standards of design creating inspired lingerie all created with exploration, liberation and seduction in mind.

View all the latest offers on Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

La Perla
La Perla Kendal Jenner
La Perla Kendal Jenner
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Regarded as one of the finest quality lingerie manufacturers in the world, Italian brand La Perla has been creating the finest luxury lingerie since its inception in Bologna in 1954. La Perla’s signature is celebrating femininity and helping women express their sense of individuality is our signature through innovations such as the touch of lycra to lace for flexibility, the art of plissé creating small pleats in impossibly delicate fabric, the sculptured bra for wearability and function with the jagged workmanship of the La Perla Maison.

View all the latest offers on La Perla lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Maison Close
maison close louise ebel pandora
Maison Close Louise Ebel Pandora
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French lingerie brand Maison Close is unashamedly focused on high-end impactful erotic lingerie with a wide selection of seductive undergarments designed to glorify and empower women while giving them comfort and style. A firm celebrity favourite.

View the latest Maison Close lingerie offers

Myla Lingerie Campaign
Myla Campaign Winter 2013-14
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Myla London began in the 90s in Notting Hill and creates feminine lingerie that encompasses wearability with soft, beautiful fabrics with thoughtful, effortless styling detail designs that can be worn every day. Delicate colour palettes with soft hues and pops of colour along with impeccable detailing and finish, enhance the effortless appeal of Myla’s ranges which pay homage to its British roots with names like Covent Garden and Primrose Hill.

View all the latest offers on Myla lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Something Wicked
Something Wicked Lingerie
Something Wicked Lingerie
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Leed’s based Something Wicked refers to their edgy luxury lingerie as ‘under armour’ which makes you feel invincible. Their lingerie is for explorers, the perpetually curious and the eternally fearless. From classic to fetish to bondage all of their products are 100% proudly British made from their in-house seamstresses at their Yorkshire mill HQ, to their incredible female saddler in St Albans, wax leather polish handmade by an award-winning beekeeper from London to their accessories metal work forged in Cheshire. As they proudly proclaim ‘We are Something Wicked and we make lingerie you can make memories in’.

View all the latest offers on Something Wicked lingerie

Stella McCartney Lingerie
Selma Dancing
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Stella McCartney fabulous designs have a sustainability heart and centre. A lifelong vegetarian, she has never used leather, feathers, skin or fur in any of her designs since day one – a revolutionary stance, then and now. Since those first seeds were planted, Stella McCartney has continued to grow its sustainability thought leadership through material and supply chain innovation, partnerships and more.

View all the latest offers on Stella McCartney lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Chantal Thomass
Chantal Thomass Lingerie 2017
Chantal Thomass 2017
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One of France’s most famous fashion designers Chantal Thomass is defined by her bold Parisian flirtatious lingerie made from sophisticated fabrics often trimmed in frills, ribbons, and flounces. Retro-chic luxury lingerie defined Chantal has been an industry innovator since the 1970s and can lay claim to inventing lace tights and bringing lingerie to the fore of fashion!

View all the latest offers on Chantal Thomass lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

Wolford by Helmut Newton
Wolford by Helmut Newton
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Austrian leg-wear Wolford has since origination led the world in design, manufacturing techniques and marketing. A giant. From Miss Wolford (1977), the first transparent shaping tights, to the first seamless Body (1992) to the Pure 50 tights (2014), whose lack of any seam means that they also remain invisible under tight-fitting clothing. Comfort is Wolford’s trump card enhanced by cutting-edge visuals led by famous photographer Helmut Newton in the 1990s who played a key role in creating the image of the strong, self-confident Wolford woman.

View all the latest offers on Wolford lingerie from the brand and leading luxury retailers.

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