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The Rise of Made to Order Luxury

We live in the times of sustainability, individualism and the ongoing popularity of quality designed and made luxury, Industry experts, retailers and designers listing with LuxSeeker.com and our own members demonstrate these trends are not just ‘media talk’ but are indeed an escalating passionate wave of change.

A recent well-researched article in the Guardian reported the fashion industry as a whole is contributing more to climate change than the aeronautical and shipping industries combined. If trends continue, the industry could account for a quarter of the world’s carbon budget by 2050. Add to this worrying macro view, here in the UK an astounding fifty million fast-fashion dresses will be bought this year to be only worn once. Surely high quality, individual designs which last and deliver real emotional and financial value is the way forward?

We caught up with Atiti Izogie from Eyato at their Camden workshop to find out about the new event and initiative Made to Order Luxury Affair which brings some of the UK’s finest made to order luxury designers to an elegant gallery space in Knightsbridge for fashion lovers to enjoy.

Slow fashion is a more sustainable way to add to your wardrobe, than purchasing off-the-shelf. No factories with dubious labour practices, no unsold garments going to waste, no unanswered questions about sustainability, the prospects of encountering someone wearing the exact same piece as you are a lot slimmer.

At the event, you will truly meet and engage with the finest artisans and creators who can design for your wardrobe made to order pieces which are a true expression of you.

They will share with you the detailed and involved process on the design, material sourcing and truly hand-made expert production on how they create a product that is unique and fit amazingly and specifically to you.

One of the best parts of working at LuxSeeker.com is meeting designers and being inspired and impressed by the passion and detail that goes into creating their fabulous product. Without fail, we leave a meeting pumped and have no doubt you will to! There are some fabulous designers to meet at the event including Mariano Palencia Crespo, Tatum Diamond London, Eyato London, Ruth Emily Davey and Nicola Nappa.

We certainly urge you to attend events like the Made to Order Luxury Affair. Designers want to share their passion and will be excited to meet you, and have a proper deep personal style conversation that you simply just do not get from visiting many stores today. Get inspired by their sample products, and ultimately create something bespoke you’ll love to wear for many years. Forget fast fashion, made to order is on the rise.

The UK fashion industry has such a fabulous historical reputation for innovative design and individuality and here at LuxSeeker.com, we are certainly focussed on helping new and unique luxury designers build their brand and business.

Take an hour out and get yourself down to the Made to Order Luxury Affair at Knightsbridge. Forget fast fashion, made to order is the future. We’ll see you there!


Thursday 5th September 10am-7pm and Friday 6th September 10am-8pm


2 Motcomb St, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8JU Map

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