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TAG Heuer Buyers Guide

shutterstock_385904167TAG Heuer has put pioneering functionality at the heart of watchmaking for over 150 years.

Today, the brand offers a collection of watches that brings together its technical skill with contemporary design.

shutterstock_67760593Tag Heuer’s first major watch innovation came in 1887, when Edouard Heuer invented a mechanism called the oscillating pinion. This revolutionary advance made timekeeping far more accurate, setting the bar for high-performance watches.
cd942a2b1856d2a86d33212ee1237141dd4c8a0dThe TAG Heuer ethos of excellence is just as clear in the 21st century. This filters through into its partnerships, like its Formula 1 collection and long association with the sport of kings. The range is inspired by the Formula 1 McLaren team’s motor racing technology, and the success of its two former world champion drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

shutterstock_423271828That dedication to performance is reflected in TAG Heuer’s sleek, functional style. You can see this in models like the Carrera Calibre. It teams durable features, such as scratch-resistant curved sapphire, with bold design. Colour combinations like jet black with flashes of bright shades create a sleek, sporty effect.

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